Alaska 2012 – Camping At Eklutna (Part One)

Yes, I’m still posting about Alaska even though it was well over a month ago. But unless you want to look at pictures of boxes and chaos, this is the best I’ve got. I promise, these pictures are much more interesting!

One of the things I knew for sure I wanted to do with the girls was take them on their first camping trip in Alaska. Josh and I did most of dating up in the mountains of North Georgia and so even though we don’t get a chance to do a lot of hiking and camping down here anymore, it’s still something we both really love to do.

My girls made me proud 🙂

A stick and glitter shoes. What else does a girl need?

Diaper changes in the wild.

The most awesome thing about playing with leaves in Alaska? You don’t have to worry about ticks or snakes!

My mom got trapped in the tent. It was awsome. We pointed and laughed.

Eliza refused to cooperate with most pictures, of course.

Gigi and the big girls

Eklutna Lake. One of my most favorite spots in all of Alaska.

I think you can see why I love it so much.

Me and my girls

I promise this is real and not just a painted backdrop

The Bean

The Bean, sticks, water and mud. Heaven.

And dogs!

Dogs were the icing on the cake

The dogs didn’t mind her little toddler throws

Pap and the big’uns

This picture makes me ridiculously happy

Boots. Now she’s serious.

Maybe my most favorite picture of my girls ever.

Mucky muck hands!

Wet britches, always the sign of a good time.

Dinner time!

Eliza’s dinner

First camping trip also means first smores!

Eliza’s first marshmallow

Followed closely by Eliza’s first hair cut

It’s not a party until someone loses their shirt.

Mama and her babies

Marshmallowy perfection

Sleepy Beans.

I was worried about how they would do sleeping in a tent in almost 24 hours of light

Clearly, I didn’t have much to worry about.

Except she didn’t really want to stay in the sleeping bag.

Of course Mr Brown Dog came camping!

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2 Responses to Alaska 2012 – Camping At Eklutna (Part One)

  1. jacquie c. says:

    Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous family – and now I would like to move to Alaska even more so than I already did.

  2. gigi says:

    oh my… the best of times!!!
    reminds me how really wonderful alaska is for my children/grandchildren to visit their momma/gigi

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