Four Year Check Up

Marion’s four year check up:

39″ inches tall. Just the 31st percentile my little girl
32 lbs. Also the 31st percentile.

She’s going to be a teeny Widget! Also, do you think she’ll kill me if she’s 16 and I’m still posting her weight on the internet? 🙂

Four year old shots are even more traumatic than two year old (no seriously, these were horrible.)

So another trip to the zoo was in order. And she would have brought LaLa with her, but she was in school.

Brown Dog came with us though.

He’s still her (almost) constant companion. Also, this is the third reincarnation of Brown Dog, if you were keeping count.

The same bird that liked Eliza’s hat also really wanted Marion’s lollipop.

Mr Brown Dog enjoyed the fishies. Marion said he was a little scared but she kept him safe.

And since she was so big, she got a very special carousel ride.

Marion is an expert goat brusher.

My little four year old brave monkey.

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One Response to Four Year Check Up

  1. Linda says:

    What a big girl! Petite, but big. 🙂

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