Happy Halloween!

We’re home! How lovely does that sound? And perhaps more importantly, we have internet again so I can get caught up on the blog.

It’s been less than a week, so I think it’s still okay to say Happy Halloween!

I caved. The girls were princesses. If you aren’t up on your princess color schemes, Eliza Jane is Cinderella and Marion is Sleeping Beauty.

Marion had originally wanted to be a dragon, which is pretty great. But given the little bit of other things we’ve had going on in our lives, I had to explain to her that I wouldn’t be able to make her an entire dragon costume, just a hat and a tail. I guess that wasn’t good enough because then she said she’d rather just be a princess from Target. Mama fail. Sorry I can’t move our household and make you an entire dragon costume (including feet she asked for as well!) at the same time. I’m sure she’s scarred for life.

Complete with my best interpretation of princess hair.

Marion’s best friend lives in a neighborhood where they do Trick or Treating the night before Halloween and so we crashed their ‘hood to get some candy 🙂

Their pirate protector kept them safe from blow up decorations

Although this house tested all their bravery!

It was worth it for all the candy! Of course, daddy had to take his head of the household tax…

The actual Halloween morning was spent at Ikea having breakfast with my big girl 🙂

Halloween afternoon saw me giving a huge big thank you to Whole Foods for still having a decent amount of pumpkins in stock. Nothing like the last minute.

Good thing she wasn’t Snow White!

And when dad came home, it was time for some pumpkin carving fun.

Or fun until she realized how messy her hands were getting.

They were mesmerized by the final result though

Nothing fancy for us this year!

Happy Halloween!

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