Moving Fun, and a Little Backstory

I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared this before, but here’s how we became home owners.

The short story is, we got evicted from our apartment because they were tearing it down.

The real story is much, much, much longer than that.

Back when we moved in to good old #827 we had heard rumors that in the past, they had emptied out our section and were going to tear them down, but the financing fell apart and so they remodeled them and started leasing them back out. So when similar rumors started flying back in March, we didn’t think much of them. And then we started hearing them from lots of other people and from the management staff but still, nothing official. Just to cover our bases though, we started looking at homes.

We found one, fell in love and put in an offer. Which was good, because then we had 60 days to get out of the old place.

However, what we never anticipated was falling in love with a new construction home. That wasn’t going to be done in 60 days.

Thankfully, the leasing office was willing to work with us (as they should have been!) and relocated us to another, much smaller apartment in the same complex. Hello, 2117.

And we thought to ourselves, just to give us plenty of time, we’ll sign a two month lease, giving us the apartment through the end of September because our contract date on the house was September 15th.

Plans going the way plans will go, they fell behind and we came close several times to falling apart 🙂

So the apartment folks let us sign a one month extension to October 27th and we were able to close on October 19th. Which may or may not have involved me stalking a Centerpoint Energy gas truck and texting pictures back to our realtor who was on vacation in California. By the way, if you want to make sure you’re going to close on a certain date, have your relator go on vacation. No better way to ensure it than that.

Which let me take the time to plug our relator, Brandi Paullo with ReMax. She is amazing at what she does and without her, we’d probably be homeless living in boxes.

Anyway, in the end it all worked out, minus a few breakdowns and a messload of tears, and we’re happy, settled and mostly unpacked.

But it certainly didn’t start out that way!

That’s a lot of boxes.

Boxes that the kids had a blast with

No matter how clean or well lit, storage units are creepy places!

Even if the kids did have fun there too

We spent a day making busy crafts from Pinterest to keep them occupied

Which again, they had fun with

Sometimes, things weren’t so fun

And sometimes they were

We found out Marion is a really good packer!

Which I am not ashamed to admit I used to my full advantage!

So, lots of tears, lots of sweat, lots of packing tape, but we still tried to have fun.

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One Response to Moving Fun, and a Little Backstory

  1. Linda says:

    I feel your pain.

    Had to find a house, enter into a contract, close and move while Al was on an out of town assignment and the girls were 1-1/2 and 3-1/2. Good days and bad, but the end result was worth the stress!

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