The Old Homestead

This is truly a first world problem but man, the new old apartment was small. 857 square feet to be exact. Like I said, truly a first world problem.

We gave the girls the master bedroom so they’d have a place for their toys

Which they mostly did

They also got the walk in closet. The sacrifices we make for our children!

And they still had their own bathroom. Which was, down to the inch, exactly like their old bathroom.

Mom & Dad didn’t fare so well.

Poor Josh had to turn sideways to get to his side of the bed. And when he got there, he had to snuggle up to my bike.

And I had about six inches between my side of the bed and the non walk in closet. We both had to share.

We also got to practice sharing when it came to bathroom space.

And when I sat on the couch, I got to snuggle with his bike. And Nanuq.

Actually, the living room wasn’t too bad

I cannot say the same about the kitchen.

It was pretty awful.

The dining “room” (I use that word loosely) was no better.

We just kept telling ourselves over and over, it’s only temporary, it’s only temporary.

And thankfully, it was 🙂

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