It’s Thanksgiving, It’s Thanksgiving

If you watched the pilgrim videos from two weeks ago, you know the rest of the song goes:

Time to eat
Time to eat
I like pumpkin pie
I like pumpkin pie (or other delicious food)
What a treat
What a treat!

If you’re Eliza, who has the most plebian tastes buds in the world, it goes

Time to eat
Time to eat
I like peanut jelly
I like peanut jelly
What a treat
What a treat!

So maybe she didn’t like Thanksgiving that much but the rest of us surely had a fabulous time. And it was such a treat to have Josh’s folks come out for Atlanta for the holiday.

I promise Marion loves GranMan for more than just his iPad

She also loves him because he spoils her with trips to the Lego store!

She was in heaven!

What kid wouldn’t be?

Eliza immediately grabbed a set of Legos we already have and insisted she wanted that.

She was finally convinced otherwise

Then lunch

Where getting a picture

Of these goofballs

Was more than I could manage

Then it was home for some serious Lego building.

Where I snuck away and managed to get a haircut all by myself!

We kicked off Thanksgiving morning with a little racing. I set a new 5K PR but the girls were less than impressed.

They were much more impressed with the post race cookies they got

Josh also set a PR and the girls celebrated by dancing with GranMan

Feel free to note my husband’s awesomely coordinating shoes and racing tank

My girls, Legos, and the Rockettes. Now that’s the way Thanksgiving morning should be spent

Unless you opt to spend it napping. Which is also how Thanksgiving should be spent

And then it was time to eat.

It took me six batches the week before, but I finally conquered the biscuit.

We’re not ones to hold with a lot of tradition when it comes to our food, so we went with fried chicken for Thanksgiving

It was enjoyed by all. Except Eliza who wanted peanut butter and jelly on her biscuit.

My contribution besides the biscuits was pies. Four pies for four adults. That’s my kind of math.

Which we enjoyed on the roof 🙂

We also enjoyed watching the uptown fireworks

And Gracie ended the day being thankful for a warm lap to snuggle in 🙂

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