My Christmas Manifesto

Dear Josh,

I promise to buy the girls only four things each this year following this little rhyme:

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read

I will only spend $25 each on their stockings

If we get them each a Kindle, I promise to only spend the gift cards that I have buying things to put on it.

None of this includes any crafting I might do for them 🙂

I promise to leave you in charge of buying for your family and not to stress out about it or comment on it unless you specifically ask me to or ask for my help.

I promise to get something for my mom I know she will like, even if it stays in the gift bag or wrapping paper for the rest of eternity.

I promise to remember that the birth of Jesus and God’s gift to us is the reason for this holiday. Not trying to out craft my friends or impress anyone with my ability to be Martha Stewart. I promise to spend more time with you and the girls actually creating holiday moments and less time online trying to find crafts to do make that perfect holiday moment.

I promise not to micromanage the kids cookie decorating.

I cannot promise not to gain ten pounds. I cannot promise to wait until December 1st to play holiday music. I can promise not to get mad at you if you so nicely suggest I might need to go for a run. I cannot promise you to watch Charlie Brown less than a 100 times.

I promise that a happy, peaceful, NOT STRESSED OUT mom will be my gift to our family.

And I promise it’s okay to remind me of all these promises if I get that crazy look in my eye.

Your Wife

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