What Katy Did

Or in this case, what Kati didn’t.

Do you know the book? What Katy Did? Written in 1872, it’s about 12 year old Katy and how she tries so hard to be good but just can’t, until she’s forced to be still because of an accident. She falls out of a swing (she wasn’t supposed to be in to begin with) and finds herself an “invalid” (I love terms like this) due to some sort of a back injury for quite a while.

While I’m not suffering from a back injury and have a Kindle, wifi, and text messages to amuse me, I can now relate to Katy in ways I never wanted when I was reading the books as a teen.

Because this is my new companion.

It didn’t take long for the girls to gussy it up though.

Or for me to find alternate uses for it.

And it turns out it’s good I’m a knitter because my toes get awfully cold.

Best of all though, we’re in Texas where boots are always appropriate and, funnily enough, the perfect height to match my walking boot so I don’t have too much of a limp.

None of this changes the fact I’ve found myself in a cast. My first one at the age of 34 actually! And not even for a broken bone or anything cool like that! But for tendonitis! Yes, tendonitis! Who knew they put you in a cast for tendonitis? Not me, that’s who, or I surely would have waited until after my December race to visit the orthopedist. One x-ray to determine it wasn’t a bone issue and two simple strength tests later, I found myself in a cast and with a diagnosis of posterior tibial tendinitis. Or PTTD if you want to sound cool.

Anyway, none of this is life threatening or athletic career threatening (not that I have any sort of athletic career) but it is annoying as all get out and just a little bit frustrating. I had some super fun workouts planned over the holidays and was looking forward to running and riding on some of my favorite trails in Mississippi and Atlanta but instead, I find myself with a lot of time and sugar cookies on my hands.

Doesn’t make for a very healthy lifestyle but at least I should have some crafty blog content this week!

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