A Week of Christmas Crafts – Day One

If you’ve been a good little elf and have all your shopping done already, leaving you lots of time, here’s a good project to tackle this week.

Christmas stockings!

And the stockings were hung by the postmodern chimney with care

These stockings don’t really take a lot of time but I’m putting them first because chances are, you’ll have more than one to do.

I used the same pattern for all four but got different results using different fabrics.

The basic pattern is over at Imagine Gnats but honestly, there are lots of different tutorials out there. I just like this one for the quilt as you go option.

However, Josh isn’t such a fan of anything but classic decor, so I stuck with a simple design for our stockings.

It doesn’t get much more traditional than green micro dots and candy cane stripes!

He did get a fun lining though

I hope there’s no coal in it baby!

I kept the same classic cuffed design for mine but chose some fun fabrics.

I also did an all over quilt design on mine, although you can’t really see it. Josh’s is not quilted at all.

I did go a little crazy with the lining though 🙂

We make a nice pair, don’t we?

Marion and I had fun making her stocking. I precut the fabrics and she got to chose the order they went. There is a pattern to her choices too, of course.

She chose the backing fabric as well and I quilted it with her initals

It’s a little easier to see on the reverse side

Candy canes for her liner

Almost there….

I went really old school on Eliza’s stocking. Even sewing with thread from Woolworth.

In the meantime, the girls staged a parade

Eliza picked out her fabric order too, but I’ll admit to a heavy hand in it. Otherwise, she would have exactly repeated what sister did.

Eliza also got her initals done, but in a crazy handwriting like I used to write in high school. The girls approve.

Also easier to see on the reverse and I did the number “12” on the toe in hopes to remember the year I did them.

Our family of stockings!

Really, these don’t take much time at all to make, especially if you do solid stockings. The cuff adds one extra seam and a trip to the iron. The quilted ones were more time consuming, not going to lie about that, but they were a lot of fun. It does got quickly if you can get everything done assembly line style.

So happy to have new stockings in our new house for Christmas! And even more thankful it’s not my treadle foot wearing the cast!

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One Response to A Week of Christmas Crafts – Day One

  1. SAD5781 says:

    Love this and love how you did their initials on the back. I’m remaking stockings this year so this is some good inspiration!

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