A Week of Christmas Crafts – Day Four

This is one of those too good to be true activities. Easy and turns out even prettier than you think. As a bonus, the girls did most of the work!

This tutorial is a great one, mainly because she’s really funny.

But what you need is
* ornaments of assorted sizes. I got all mine at the Dollar Store. I think I got two packs of little ones, two packs of big ones and six dozen medium sized ones.
* hot glue gun
* wire hanger
* a wire cooling rack (trust me, this makes it a lot easier.)

First step, glue the ornaments to the hanger hook things. I was being detail oriented and taking each cap off, applying hot glue, then sticking it back on. Then I said, seriously, and just started running a bit of glue around the outside edge of the cap. Works just fine!

You can see the glue but it doesn’t matter in the final product.

Here’s my brilliant contribution to this craft.

Turn the ornaments upside down and let them dry! They don’t stick to each other or roll around the table spreading their finger burning glue everywhere. And if they stick to the metal, doesn’t matter as they pop right off.

After the ornaments had dried, the kids woke up from their nap, so I threw them all (the ornaments, not the kids) in a bag to randomize them. I thought the girls could “help” by handing me the ornaments. I was wrong.

I was wrong

They started doing all the work themselves!


It doesn’t look like much at the start

but then


Look how pretty!

We liked it so much we made two!

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