A Week of Christmas Crafts – Day Five

And in conclusion, the easiest and quickest thing to do! Don’t hate me, as I should have probably put this first to entertain the toddlers so you might actually have time to get crafting done. Whoops.

I give you, Little Town Of Cheap Christmas Things Covered in Epsom Salts

This is what it looks like when mama plays with it

This is what it looks like after Hurricane Marion comes through

The little village people are from Walmart. Between $1-$3.

The little bears are ornaments from the Dollar Store – 4 for $1.

The “snow” is just epsom salts. Easy(ish) to clean up and fairly non toxic.

The copper tray is something I’ve had for ages. A baking sheet would work equally as well.

Total cost, about $10.

An occupied Bean?

Absolutely priceless!

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