Marion’s First Pedicure

My mom came down at the beginning of January for a nice long visit. While we booked the vacation ages ago, it ended up being perfect timing for us. The weather was pretty cold and rainy while she was here and I was still in my cast, so Gigi was the perfect distraction and baby sitter. She left almost a month ago and we still miss her!

We took a rainy day as a chance to take Marion for her first pedicure! Of course, she chose sparkly pink glitter polish.

At first, she wasn’t too sure about it.

But it didn’t take long for her to get into the spirit of things! Andplusalso, how funny is it to see my mom texting away on her phone?!

And yes, she got an extra big tip!

I always hate spending the money on a pedicure but I always leave wondering why I don’t do it more! If there is such a thing as a justifiable indulgence, I think a pedicure would be mine. Any justifiable indulgences for you?

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