Mama Monday, Moments

One of the biggest blessings to being a stay at home mom is spending just so much time with my kids.  One of the biggest downfalls is that I don’t think I appreciate it, I take so much of it for granted.  I know working moms probably feel that they think about work so much when they are home or they’re so busy catching up on everything else, that they miss moments too.  Somehow though, I feel it’s more of a responsibility to be almost hyper aware since I do get to stay home.  Does that make sense?  If you stay at home, do you feel that way too?

But then, there are moments that working mom or not, you just can’t miss because they smack you upside your head with their hilarity!  We had two such moments like that today.

As I was making our bed, I heard (where the girls were supposed to be cleaning their room) “Eliza, you best move out of my way because I’m about to dance all over you!”

Sister wasn’t joking.

Then we were upstairs and I was doing my PT exercises.  The girls were “helping” in their own way when I heard Marion say, “Oh no Eliza.  You need to be more like a boa constrictor when you do exercises like big four year olds!”

That needed some explaining folks.

So there you have it. 

Mamas, be more present this week.  Be more like a boa constrictor.

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