I Get By With A Little Help

from my friends. Oh I get by with a little help from my friends.

Or in this case, I get to the beach with both kids and don’t lose either of them to a rogue wave or sand castle collapse with a little help from my friend.

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

And going with someone else means pictures of me and my girls!

And then one of the girls fell in. But whatever.

Galveston surely is scenic isn’t it? Said no one ever. (Just kidding! Don’t hate on me Galveston people!)

Then thanks to Cassie’s encouraging laughter, Eliza was convinced this is the way she had to pose for every picture from here on out.


My kids love Cassie. They gave her the tea party spoon to dig with.

And just when I start to think she’s so big, there’s nothing like a visit to the beach to remind me how little she really is.

Why wouldn’t you take a dump truck to the beach?

Along with a muffin pan?

No visit to Galveston is complete without a visit to La King’s for a chocolate covered pretzel as big as your head!

Seriously though, massively huge thanks to Cassie for putting up with my monsters (and me!) for a day trip to Galveston! It was super fun and now Eliza says she won’t go back without you! She said you could even have the new pink shovel we bought just for the next trip! And that’s true love in Eliza’s world.

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2 Responses to I Get By With A Little Help

  1. runchik says:

    Such a fun day! And “put up with” schmut up with! I adore you kids and love being able to come enjoy them and encourage their deviant behavior. I’m so glad Eliza has forgiven me for letting you be eaten by quicksand.

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