Mama Monday, Traditions

I know I’ve posted before that I’m big on traditions. But it bears saying again, I love traditions. They’re really important to me and I’m all about creating them in our family. We didn’t have a ton of traditions growing up, strike that, our traditions always involved a drive to Florida, road warrior style. Anyway, they’re important to me and although they cause my family and friends to roll their eyes at me, and I’m determined to create traditions every chance I get with my family.

Including special rodeo outfits 🙂




2009’s outfit revisited


And this year


If you’re wondering why Eliza is crying, it’s because I made her wear boots and she wanted to wear her silver sparkly shoes. That Beans.

So as long as they’ll let me, I can assure you they’ll have special (and probably matching) rodeo outfits.

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2 Responses to Mama Monday, Traditions

  1. Linda says:

    Awesome!!! Traditions are so important.
    I still give Cynthia and Melissa matching pajamas for Christmas every year (sorry, girls, for sharing). I think they would shoot me if I ever stopped.

  2. They’re so adorable! Love the boots!

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