Look Who Rode In To Town!

It’s Papaw!

Just in time for a trip to the zoo!

Oh the curls just keep on growing, don’t they?

Why hello there, Miles the Giraffe

It’s all fun and games Eliza, until they think your hair is lettuce. That day is coming, mark my words.

A special treat since Pap was with us

A carousel ride!

I think they both had fun

Until it had to end.

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2 Responses to Look Who Rode In To Town!

  1. My daughter has curls too. I just love ’em! Looks like everyone had fun with Papaw. PS Is the warning about hair looking like lettuce based on your own personal experience? Yikes!

    • katilh says:

      No, thankfully, no personal experience yet. But we go so often I feel like the giraffes know us, so I anticipate it happening sometime soon!

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