First Dentist Visit

After being shamed by the pediatrician back at Eliza’s two year check up (don’t think about how long ago that was), I finally got the girls in for their first dentist visit.

This is what you do at the dentist, according to Beans.

This is pretty much how they handled the whole thing.

Totally unphased.

I couldn’t believe it, but they took Marion back by herself and she didn’t flip out. Neither did I! The hygienist said she was amazing and so well behaved. Both girls left the office loaded down with toys and goodies.

Seriously? Purses! Purses stuffed with t-shirts and tiaras and stickers. That beats the mess out of the “treasure chest” we got to rummage through.

And now I’m the proud mama of two dental hygiene safety patrol children. You’d better beware in our house if you dare think to go to bed without flossing now!

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