A Quick Mississippi Stopover

I’m still catching up on some back posts, so these next few posts are all from our trip to Mississippi, Alabama, Atlanta and New Orleans at the beginning of May.

Don’t you just want to be in the car for seven hours with this?

Especially after

She’s been given

Ice cream?!?

It’s no wonder she was up early the next morning playing the piano with Papaw!

Again, we’re so thankful to have a place to stay, even if it’s just for a night. We love our Mississippi home!

(Yes, Marion was on the trip too, just apparently not as memorable as her sister!)

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One Response to A Quick Mississippi Stopover

  1. graprunner says:

    Adorable! (I can say that because I didn’t have to be in the car with her.) 🙂 -GRK

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