Happy 4th of July!

Marion was super excited to celebrate the flag’s birthday this year. She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but she knew it involved hot dogs, so she was pumped up.

For the third year, I participated in the Run Wild 5K on the 4th. Such a great way to kick off the holiday and it was also my first race since the whole casting incident back in December.

It’s not Independence Day without Popsicles!

That red didn’t really want to come out, whoops.

Cleaning up the crime scene

Jello and A Capitol Fourth – both great traditions. The girls were way more impressed with the fireworks than the Jello. I might have ended up with the only children that barely tolerate Jello.

And our rooftop firework show!

We had about a 75% amazing view of the fireworks. But it was 100% being able to just walk downstairs and put the kids to bed when it was over 🙂

Fireworks part 1

Big fireworks finale

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One Response to Happy 4th of July!

  1. Linda says:

    Awesome! Heard you had a visit from Kelly, Mike and the kids. Hope you had fun!

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