In The South Land, There’s a City

Way down on the river
Where the women are very pretty
And all the men deliver

Sorry, the girls have been watching a lot of The Princess And The Frog lately, which I finally relented on letting them see (because the last thing we needed in this house was another princess!) after our trip to New Orleans. This was the first time since Josh and I visited NoLa right after we got engaged that we weren’t here for a race.

Didn’t mean we didn’t run though 🙂

Audubon park on an evening run

Waving to the neighborhood cats

Climbing in the fountains in Jackson Square.

Clearly dad was on duty.

Bebe, that’s her finger up there, was with us, so we got a family picture

The toy store is always a big hit, but there’s just something wrong with a Nutcracker soldier in 90* heat.

Mother’s for lunch, of course.

Proving they are Southern girls regardless of their Texas birthplace

A post lunch visit to the Aquarium.

Despite this being Marion’s third trip to the Big Easy, it was her first trip to the Aquarium.

The rare and elusive mama with offspring photo


Seriously Beany.

Seriously yummy.

Seriously sugared.

Seriously tired.

We got in an early anniversary dinner, sans kiddos. It was lovely and much appreciated – thank you Bebe!

Yay us!

Homeward bound!

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