Marion’s First Race, The Big Day!

And the big day was *finally* here!

She insisted on using my race belt instead of safety pins. So pro already

She got a good night of sleep

And accessorized appropriately the day of. Purple bow, check.

Assuring Eliza that one day, it would be her turn. And that girl beside her is her training buddy Tori. Who is definitely pro in the neon racerback tank.

First we had to cheer for Josh

Go Josh go!

And then, as a reward for finishing, sent him off to run with three little girls. The girl in the middle is the other BFF of the trio, Natalie. Who is doubly pro in the compression shorts (and since this was her second race, quite the experienced racer.)

There they go! Natalie was off first (which is no surprise given how speedy her mom Katy is)

Go Natalie go!

Go Tori go!

And look at that form she’s got! Mama Kristie could take some tips from her!

Waving at the camera without tripping, so pro.

Catching the girl in front of her at the finish line, so pro.

Look at that stride!

So, so, so pro.

Our girls 🙂

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2 Responses to Marion’s First Race, The Big Day!

  1. She is just to cute and awesome.

  2. gigi says:

    the one of marion and eliza is priceless!

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