Sometime last year (maybe right before Christmas? I can’t remember) this awesome link started making the social media rounds for a product called Goldieblox (It’s worth a few minutes to watch the video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now Goldie has made it to our house and here’s my quick review of it since I know a few of my friends are interested in it for their kids. It’s okay. I like the company and the concept a lot better than the actual product. The girls like the toy but mostly play with it in conjunction with their other toys. It really needs more sets to make it more interesting. You can “build outside of the box” with it but it’s very limited. If you bought two sets, you could do more, but who wants to do that? All of that to say, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to toys I can believe in, so that’s why I bought this. I just really hope they produce some more sets to go with the spinning machine (maybe at Christmas?). So, a good toy, could be a lot better when compared to other building/engineering toys out there, but well worth the $30 to support the idea.

Straight out of the box and into building

I love the pink tutu!

Figuring things out on her own

These guys are so cute. Benjamin Cranklin is our household favorite.

All set up and ready to go!

Getting things ready to go

And here it goes!

After having it for a few weeks, Eliza even has it down and is able to do most all of it by herself. While the ages say something like 6-9, physically it’s easy enough for an almost 3 year old to get and an almost 5 year old can get the concept. I do think it might be better for slightly older kids though who can get the bigger concepts a little easier.

And this is how we play with it most days 🙂

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