Some Sewing Fun

You know, if you can call a pile that looks like that “fun”

Things necessary to me getting sewing done, in no particular order
1. Goldiblox
2. Beauty & The Beast
3. Dancing with Brown Dog
4. Pajama day for Big
5. Snacks on the coffee table

Up first, PJ pants for Marion. I found this fabric on sale and couldn’t resist!


Teeny tiny bow for front vs back identification

I love these so much I wish I had enough fabric to make myself a pair!

This 20’s inspired print for Eliza was up next. She’s still firmly in the no pants category of things, so she got a nightgown. (In order for her to wear pants, we have to call them leggings or britches. Don’t ask.)

Love these tiny bows!

Despite the face, she loves her nightgown!

Silly girls

Josh purged a bunch of his older dress shirts and I stole them πŸ™‚

So cute, right?

A pocket is a pocket is a pocket!

Pleats to finish the sleeves

One for the Beans

I have fallen in love with disappearing ink pens lately

Placket is just a fun word to say

Pins. Lots and lots of pins.

She loves it

I promise!

Unfortunately, most of that pile is still there

It’s just been rearranged.

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One Response to Some Sewing Fun

  1. gigi says:

    love the PJ’s but especially love the shirt dresses!!! and of course the ‘models’ wearing the new threads πŸ™‚

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