Texans Training Camp

Thanks to a very generous friend, I was able to take the girls to a Texans training camp so we could pretend that it wasn’t always going to be 95* outside and that one day, football and the hopes and dreams of armchair quarterbacks would be back in session!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a big NFL fan but anyone who knows me also knows I won’t ever refuse something football related, so after velodrome practice one night, I found myself at Target in cycling shorts buying us all new cheer gear.

Meet the newest Houston Texan fans!

And some of the cutest.

Games for the kids

And games for mom

Marion was “a little nervous” about her first football game, so Brown Dog came too.

Eliza kept calling it baseball but anyone who knows Beans shouldn’t be surprised by that.

Little girl, big fan.

Little dog, big fan.

And that’s Ed Reed.

He was nice enough to come over and sign autographs for the fans.

And that’s Ed Reed trying to sign Eliza’s shirt.

Guess what she told him?

Texans – 0
Eliza – 1

And my super generous super nice friend has an amazing blog. Go check it out and then get prepared to run five miles because you will gain weight just looking at her pictures and reading her recipes. Confections of a Foodie Bride

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