Leggo my, well, Lego

The era of Lego has entered our house

Both the weird Friends version and the regular heroic kind of guys

Also these. Everywhere.

Tiny, oh so tiny.

Superman is also a super grill master

I think we can all agree that being legobsessed is much better than having these in the house!

Big builds. Little arranges the date.

Big builds. Little goes vroom vroom.

They tore through this 300+ piece set in an afternoon. Marion built 90% of it totally by herself (although her favorite thing is to have me find the pieces than she puts it together. Please note, that is not my favorite thing.)

So then I got a little obsessed. Me? Never! And I think we’re good to go on Duplos as well.

Mama’s minions.

Can anyone guess what’s topping the birthday lists this year?

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One Response to Leggo my, well, Lego

  1. Linda says:

    Words of advice — Keep the pieces contained!
    One of the worst pains in the world is going in to check on a sleeping child, while barefoot, and stepping on a Lego!

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