Birthday Party #2

Because nothing says happy birthday like neon pink cake! Especially if you’re 5 and 3.

And nothing says “hallelujah no one will see this mess!” like a crumb coat

This is what you end up with for decorations when you take said 5 & 3 year olds with you to pick out party supplies.

They did request a pool party so I should have known what I was getting myself into.

Tiny little peaks of whipped cream perfection

For those who weighed in on the great party favor debate via facebook, I settled on what I think was fun and practical. Have laminator, will make party favors. Laminated coloring sheets with dry erase crayons. The party was so small I was able to make each child a sheet with their name on it, one with something they liked or were interested in, and a laminated sheet of story paper.

The bigs got cookies 🙂

3 & 5. You’ll probably see those candles again on my birthday.

More wishes!

Because nothing says “I’m glad you’ve survived my parenting skills for 5 & 3 years!” like a pink ombre cake

Julia was sad the dogs weren’t invited.

Pool party mid-September? Sure, why not! It’s Houston after all.

Philip was just happy he got a broom.

Driveway party!

Skeptical Julia was, well, skeptical

As she had a right to be apparently.

Happy happy birthday sweet girls! And a big thanks to all our friends for making it so special!

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