Show and Tell – Letter A

So being a big Pre-K girl this year, Marion gets to have show and tell!

And yes, I know she already graduated from Pre-K in May. Due to her missing the birthday deadline by 18 days, she can’t start kindergarten until next year. However, she was bored in her preschool 3 year old class last year, so they moved her up to pre-K in the middle of the year. Thankfully, the class only has four other children in it so her teacher is able to give her lots of extra projects to work on to keep her from being bored.


Show and tell! She loves it and has so much fun doing it. Plus, it’s an introduction to public speaking which is always such a skill to have, right?

I went a little overboard and set a pretty high standard for the letter A. We recently got a membership to the Natural Science museum here so on our mama and Marion day (Wednesday) we took off to the museum to find letter A things.

We found an Allosauraus

A shiny chambered shell that I promise starts with the letter A even if I can’t remember the name of it right now.

An alligator. Fine it’s technically a crocodile, but whatever.

And an amethyst geode!

We thankfully found a more portable version to bring to school! Along with her super awesome t-shirt.

Hey, “Awesome t-shirt” – does that count as a letter A show and tell?

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