Show and Tell – Letter B

So while I was away the second week of school enjoying a much needed girls’ weekend (no, it won’t be blogged about!) and Daddy was in charge.

I left supplies and instructions

And we got a bumblebee wearing sunglasses. Awesome.

She was pretty proud of her bumblebee though 🙂

Dad was also in charge of making her “picture person.” They were supposed to have a parent help trace their outline on a piece of paper then they were to color/draw/decorate/portray themselves on the paper.

Dad traced and his job was done. Let’s just say, mom and dad have different standards when it comes to take home art projects from school.

These are two of her classmates.

And this is my child.

I need another girls’ weekend.

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One Response to Show and Tell – Letter B

  1. jclady says:

    Your daughter did her own image compared to parents that did their kids work for them.
    Good job, Marion!

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