Zoo Boo – 1st Visit

The zoo changed up their Zoo Boo this year with more offerings and we made sure not to miss out!

I never imagined my parenting duties would include wearing a cape in public, but hey, when in Rome…

This was Eliza’s first real experience at Trick-or-Treating so big sister had to show her how it was done.


Eliza was only convinced to do this by a reminder that Superman was really brave.

Did you know another of Superman’s weak points is jellyfish?

They’re the underwater version of kryptonite

The zoo added in little games this year too

Those were super fun and now I’m finding spider rings all over the house. Works better to wake me up than coffee!

Visiting our favorite friend, the Komodo dragon. Boy, am I glad they didn’t ask me to make that costume.

We’ve reached that “posing” stage of being five years old.

More candy!

Having fun on the secret playground. And no, Eliza isn’t 48″ tall.

Monkeys. Them, not the animals.

Someone didn’t want to leave!

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