Monster Mash 5K

With it being fall and (somewhat) cooler weather, race season is back!

Even for the kids!

As a side note, usually about this time of year we do the Great Pumpkin Fun Run but they didn’t have it this year. So we found another post-Halloween-yet-still-costume-themed run to do. Then my BFFs and I ditched the kids and went for bagels after. Win win!

She was a “little nervous” about racing at first

But that passed as soon as the gun went off!

It’s very hard to take a picture of a running child while you are running

Almost there!

Crossing the finish line all by herself 🙂

With her super awesome finisher’s medal

The race was also stroller friendly so I ran my first official 5K with the double stroller!

But the best part of the race? The jumpy house!

Or maybe the oranges.

Definitely the oranges.

Best picture ever.

This is my friend Cassie, celebrating her 1st place AG win in the 5K.

This is my friend Kristie, celebrating her 1st place AG win the 5K.

Imaginary insert picture of my friend Katy, winning 1st place in her AG for the 10K but I was a lousy friend and didn’t get any pictures of her win.

This is my husband Josh, winning 1st place in his AG for the 10K.

This is me with all my winning friends. I ate twice as many bagels as they did. First place for me!

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