First Visit to The Museum of Fine Arts

As you can tell by the outfits, this was from a while ago, but with the holidays coming up and school getting out, I’d thought I’d share something super fun I did with Marion and forgot to blog about until now.

Also, big run on sentence right there.

I found this fun little tidbit on the MFAH website about Wednesdays, called Lunch + Look. Basically, if you buy lunch at the museum or at a food truck outside the museum and show them your receipt, you get in free. Kids under 12 are always free, so Marion and I got lunch and a museum visit on the cheap!

Pork belly steamed buns from Muiishi Makirritos was what I ordered.

But someone stole most of them.

We were going to eat lunch in the sculpture garden, but the rain had other plans.

The art museum is one place where a map surely comes in handy.

Little girl, big art


One of mama’s favorites 🙂

She loved this one

The illuminated tunnel that connected the two MFAH buildings might have been her favorite though!

Then it was time to go pick this slugabed up from school 🙂

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