Sprout – 14 Week Update

So we’re 15 weeks along now (as of yesterday) but I had an appointment last week, so there you go.


Hey look, it hasn’t been a full month since my last post!

Here’s a picture of the cutest baby BOY in the world to distract you 🙂

The appointment went great and Sprout is super healthy and incredibly wiggly. He kicked the doppler, kicked the ultrasound, kicked me (but that goes without saying.) I’m doing just as well, on the lower end of the weight gain because of the morning sickness but that’s okay. Speaking of morning sickness, I’m finally starting to feel better and beginning to feel a little more human which is wonderful news. We did find out I have a low lying placenta so no more exercise for me until our next ultrasound at 21 weeks. That news has me pretty bummed out as I really was enjoying taking Sprout for runs and (indoor) bike rides but at least I’m not on bedrest or anything more restrictive.

So that’s our most recent update. Kind of boring, but that’s okay! I’m sure he’ll bring enough excitement to our lives soon enough!

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