18/19 Week Update

Who is this cute fellow?

And he’s getting so big!

I had my 18 week appointment last week and everything is great.

This picture taken at 19 weeks shows both everything is great (ie, I’m cleared to workout again!) and that he is getting big (or at least I am!)

All my routine testing has come back normal and as far as anyone can tell up to this point, we’re both doing perfectly My next appointment is at 21 weeks and we’ll have the big anatomy ultrasound then. Although we got a little anatomy peek last week and he is definitely a boy!

I’m still dealing with some morning sickness; it’s getting better but still there. We’ve also had two rounds of Norovirus come through the house since January which hasn’t been fun. However, this too shall/has passed and we’re all on the upswing now.

Little Fellow (Sprout has been replaced with Little Fellow) is a super active baby and I’ve been feeling him move for a few weeks now which is super fun. The girls know about him and because I’ve been so sick, we told them pretty early so they wouldn’t worry about me. Marion already gives me stomach gentle hugs and can’t wait to go to her big sister class. Eliza just wants to know why he’s not a girl. Oh Beans 🙂

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