DIY Valentines 2014

I know, I know, who has time for anything other than the not nearly as awesome as when we were kids grocery store box of cards purchase of Valentine’s day cards (follow that?) but thanks to Amazon Prime and downloadable labels, cute, playable, not food and only marginally cheesy Valentine’s can be yours too!

For Marion’s class, stickers!

Stickers here from Amazon for $6.98 for a roll of 100.

Label PDF here

For Eliza’s class, cars! And an appropriate tag line since she complains about how bad the boys are in her class all the time.

A 20 pack of Hotwheels for $16.99 also on Amazon.

Label PDF here

And in the interest of making them a marginally educational experience

Marion practiced her counting by counting how many stickers went in each bag

Practice writing her name (and a chance to use my laminator!)

And practice cutting things out.

Yes, Little Fellow totally got his mama a Valentine’s Day pressie too.

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One Response to DIY Valentines 2014

  1. gigi says:

    so happy for my daughter and family…”Life is Good”!

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