No Snow Snow Day – 1

A few weeks back when there was a (insert horror movie music) a chance of actual winter weather in Houston, the city shut down.

Even though the much predicted (and wished for) snow never appeared, we did get a decent (for Houston) amount of ice.

Hey, white stuff on the ground!

I remember being a kid and when ice was predicted, I’d always sleep in my brother’s room because he had these huge windows that looked out into the front yard. We’d wake up ten times in the night checking to see if anything was happening yet. We’d finally fall asleep and wake up to a winter wonderland. Then we’d rouse the house at an unholy hour and go outside to freeze in our PJs.

Some traditions are worth keeping 🙂

The ice turned slushy pretty quickly and we never got any snow.

So we organized Lego people

And built this chic stable

With apartment instead.

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