“Big” Ultrasound

So last week, we had our “big” ultrasound as it’s commonly known, but since we already knew Little Fellow was, well, a fellow, it wasn’t quite such a big deal.

However, gender knowing or not, getting to spend 45 minutes watching my little boy just be himself is still a pretty big deal.

He is as healthy as a horse and just about as big as one. At 21.5 weeks, his estimated weight is already 1lb 2oz, meaning he’s measuring about a week ahead. Don’t forget Eliza was 9lbs when she was born, so we knew he was going to be a pretty big Little Fellow. I’ve been calling for 10lbs since we knew about him but I might have to raise my estimate to 11 now!

Like both of the girls, he was non-cooperative with the tech for some measurements so we get to go back at 28 weeks for some more details. I won’t complain about that!

It was a lot of fun to get a glimpse of his personality already! He seemed to be pretty mellow as long as he wasn’t being messed with; then he kicked back with a vengeance. He played with his toes a lot and at one point, somehow managed to stretch his arms fully over his head. I definitely felt that movement! It’s hard to believe we’re halfway cooked already!

His super sweet little profile. He already has my chin.

Doing his ab crunches. Also, CHUNKY BABY THIGHS!

Playing peek-a-boo. Or being uncooperative while the tech wanted to look at his face.

And maybe my most favorite ultrasound picture ever, out of all my babies. His sweet little big runners feet đŸ™‚

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