Rodeo Parade – Downtown Style (and 10K)

We wanted to get front row seats for the rodeo parade this year, so we got there early and brought breakfast from Chick-fil-a

We also brought our own entertainment in the form of Frozen magic-clips. Which, by the way, are some of the greatest toy inventions ever.

There’s no better entertainment than cheering on Josh though (at least in my non-biased opinion!)

He was in the “elite” wave and had the goal of breaking 40:00 in the 10K

His official time was 40:00.00 – no joke.

That’s what Beans thinks about that.

The mounted Marine Corp – always a highlight of the parade

She’s marching in a pretend band, if you were wondering

Bedazzled Texan flags, duh!

Best seat in the house

The trick riders always make me glad I’ve put up the rocking horse in the attic.

Parades are exhausting!

Mama & babies 🙂

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