Day At The Rodeo

First and foremost, massive thanks to my friend Cassie for helping us have a great visit to the rodeo; having a friend who takes your kid to buy cotton candy while you take the other kid to the bathroom is a friend indeed!

We rode the train down to rodeo again this year

It always reminds me that the train ride is probably their favorite part of the day and we should do it more often.

Mars got a quick little quilting lesson (last year, it was weaving she learned.)

Baby lamb!

Mama-to-be lamb appropriately enough named Sweetheart

Which she was! (And yes, we got permission first to love on her)

Sharing chocolate milk. And they way they went on about it, you would have thought it was the first time they’d had it. (Which it wasn’t!) They kept asking for more until I told them I did not come to the rodeo to buy them chocolate milk I could get at Target. And then I rolled my eyes because I sounded just like my own mom.

Petting the bunnies. And I think (but I could be wrong) this was the first year I’d seen bunnies out like this.

The hatchlings are always a big hit

As is antagonizing the rooster. We did it just for you Kristie!

Eliza did not want to walk down this aisle of cattle

Even though this little guy was waiting (that face!)

Seriously. I wanted to take him home. Until I realized the two month old calf is bigger than my five year old.

This one was just two weeks old!

It even had teeny tiny longhorn nubs!

And then she promptly knocked Eliza on her rear. Longhorn calf = 1, Eliza Beans = 0. Her record of being trampled at the rodeo is 2 and 0. Last year it was just a goat though; we stepped it up this year.

We needed a trip to the farm to recover from the cattle encounters

I don’t know what it is about this exhibit but it is such a hit with the kids.

The massive tractors have nothing to do with that

I’m sure.

I was too pregnant to ride the rides, so Cassie was my stand in πŸ™‚

And then she bought Marion cotton candy for payback.

Marion was equally excited by her sausage on a stick.

First taste of cotton candy

For Eliza too

I guess she liked it

At least a little bit.

What you get when you give your kids cotton candy and then ask them to sit with you for a picture.

What better to chase cotton candy with than funnel cake?

Monkeys πŸ™‚

Waiting for the train home

Always the sign of a fun day!

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