Pap & Marme Come To The Rodeo

Well, they didn’t come for just the rodeo, but it was surely fun to take them to see it!

And one of the nice things about going back again with the girls was that we could do some different things that we missed the first go round and could skip others that weren’t worth it. We skipped the crazy long line for the bunnies, for instance, and instead opted for the horse show.

See? Pretty horses!

Next year, I’ll for sure do a better job of seeing what’s going on at the smaller arenas because it was basically empty and the girls were enthralled. I’m sure they’d love to see some of the quarter horse shows and others like that.

We also watched the mutton bustin for the first time. The girls were surprisingly less impressed than I thought they would be and neither had any interest in trying it. Of course, watching some of the kids take a header straight to the fence might have had something to do with that…

Marion spent her ride tickets on the carousel – by herself! In the eyes of a 5.5 year old, this is a “much fancy” one compared to the one at the zoo and worthy of the ride tickets.

Eliza used her tickets (and the extras) to take herself and her sister through something labeled “Survivor Island.” They survived although my nerves were shot.

I survived the fear of having to either send my dad in there after them or my heavily pregnant self.

They survived!

They insisted we hit up the farm again.

I don’t quite understand it

But taking care of a fake farm

Is apparently the best part of the rodeo.

Second best part is sausage on a stick.

My favorite part? The fried oatmeal pie which is every bit as amazing and wonderful as you want it to be.

The friend Oreos also lived up to expectations.

And they come in a batch of four so no one had to share!

Few things are better post lunch than watching a baby sheep be born. We timed it perfectly and saw this little guy have a birthday.

After the now requisite stop for cotton candy, it was home again home again

Jiggity jog (or balancing on a wall, whichever you prefer.)

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