Strawberry Picking 2014

The past two years I’ve made the mistake of going to the farm during Spring Break week where you honestly wait longer to park than it takes you to pick buckets full of berries. This year though, I made sure to wait and thanks to the amazingly cooler weather we’ve been having, there was no danger of the fields being picked over.

They needed no instructions this year!

Serious berry face

They were on a mission

Except when they were goofing off

Lots and lots of berries

And curls.

It helped a lot this year that Eliza knows the difference between red and green, haha!

Berry perfect

I pretty much let them do all the work

Well, most of it.

I was supervisor

Chief photographer

And incubator.

This picture will so be pulled out on her 16th birthday.

More berries!

It was a perfectly gorgeous day

And we had the fields practically to ourselves.

Then someone gets stuck in the mud.

When the buckets get too heavy to carry, improvisation is called for.

As is laughter.

Just a perfect day.

With some practically perfect girlies.

And it goes without saying that strawberry picking is exhausting work!

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