Sibling Class With Marion

A few weeks ago (and we’ll just leave it at that) Marion and I spent the afternoon at the hospital doing a sibling class together.

It was a lot of fun and worth the $20 it cost (or however much it was.) Marion is at the age and is of the personality type that she really wants to know where things are (literally) and the proper steps that are going to happen and in general, is happiest when things are predictable and orderly. The sibling class was great for a few reasons, mostly because she got to see the actual hospital and one of the recovery rooms that I’ll be in. She also got to see the cafeteria and the gift shop and now she’s a pro at knowing where she can get snacks.

So while maybe there wasn’t a lot of knowledge to come from the actual class for her, it was a really good experience and helped eliminate a lot of the anxiety I think she could have been feeling.

Decorating a toilet paper tube. This was probably the most useful thing she learned – that if it was small enough to fit down the tube, it’s not an appropriate toy for baby brother.

Learning to diaper Brown Dog

Small brown dogs are harder to diaper than you think.


Now on to the swaddling portion

And before you ask, of course we totally tried to swaddle Eliza when we got home.

Good job Widget!

Absolutely adore this picture

And a trip to the hospital gift shop to pick out a present for Little Fellow

So many choices!

And this is what she picked out. She did a great job and I think she is so ready for this little guy to get here!

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One Response to Sibling Class With Marion

  1. Cindy says:

    The girls still remember that if it fits through a toilet paper roll it’s too small.

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