Graham’s Birth

We are getting settled in finally (or as settled as we’ll ever be!) and I hope to get back to regularly or thereabouts blogging. I’ll be playing catch up for a bit so we’ll start with his birth.

Let’s call this the “before” picture!

One last shot of us as just a family of 4

It was a little freaky walking into the pre/post op room and knowing there was going to be a baby in that bed soon!

Of course, a hospital selfie.

Hi baby boy, I’m your mama!

First family picture

Proud Daddy

Hands down, the coolest thing about delivering at the new hospital was getting to keep my Squish with me during recovery.

Being able to have visitors in post op was pretty great too

Especially when those visitors bring cupcakes like Cassie did!

Totally smitten

Le Petit Prince

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