Meeting Their Brother

I’m not sure who was looking forward to this moment more, the girls or me! Because I was so sick, the girls have known about the addition of a sibling since I was pretty early on in the pregnancy. Then, finding out it was a boy at Christmas was just so much fun and has given them loads of time to get so excited about his coming. Marion especially has been fired up about having a brother. The bigger my stomach got, the more she got the idea about what was going to happen. It was such a change from being pregnant with Eliza because Marion wasn’t even two most of the pregnancy and just had no clue what was going on. So, needless to say, we were all very much looking forward to this moment!

It’s blurry but I love it because that’s just pure joy on her face

She hasn’t stopped holding him since!

Oh how I love this

Being a big sister hasn’t stopped the Beaniness!

This was perfect

My sister made sure the we all had the right shirts – she knows what’s important to me 🙂

And trust me when I say the shirts are important!


Watching Daddy change a diaper and already, I’m sure, telling him what he’s doing wrong.

Graham is in good hands with his three mamas 🙂

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