One Day Old

My boys – I love saying this!

Finally I was all disconnected from everything and up and not sitting in the hospital bed!

We had a birthday party for Graham 🙂

He gave his big sisters presents

Coloring books

Legos and Wonder Woman water bottles. Boy has good taste already 🙂

His first birthday card

An outfit she picked out all by herself (and let’s not even talk about how much it drives me crazy I love how she wears her headbands)

Eliza got him a book

A football bear

And um, a longhorn.

Best presents ever, right Graham?

The coloring books kept them busy while they were visiting

When they weren’t busy holding him, that is.

All five of us!

We were all amazed by how quickly and how much Eliza took to her brother

She is an awesome big sister!

And then we had a birthday party for Graham!

The hospital provided a special meal for the mom and a guest including a little celebration cake (that is, a cupcake with blue or pink icing). If you squint really hard you can see it, haha!

But Josh got a real celebration cake!

Happy first day sweet boy!

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