Eliza’s First Race

So (arbitrarily, I’ll admit) we told both the girls they couldn’t do their first races until they were four. Well wouldn’t you know it, the weekend after Eliza turned four, there was a race for her to do!

Unfortunately, Beans woke up under the weather due to getting her four year old shots the day before. But with some prayers, Tylenol and a donut hole, she was ready to go!

And of course, the Fab Four helped celebrate!

A little pre race stretching (this picture cracks me up!)

Things were a leetle chaotic at the start line, despite the girls making up approximately half the field. Basically it involved us moms telling Josh, “Hey you run with all the kids and we’ll see you at the finish line!”

The finish line!

Just because she crossed the finish line didn’t mean she had to stop running!

It was a Houston Astros run, so of course it included a stop by home plate (not that Astros see much of that…)

Here comes Josh!

There goes Josh!

And being a racer girl (as she calls herself) is exhausting!

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