Advent – Day Six


Look at the view! I think they were saying.


Today’s calendar was family movie night so the girls made dinner


(With a little supervision, of course)


And I made biscotti


Then we all sat down to watch The Snowman.

Side note, why have I never seen or heard of this before? Instant favorite!


After a quick bath and PJ change it was time for dessert and watching Frosty!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure and keeping it real, only two of the five family members are actually watching Frosty. Graham has been Sir Grumps so I’m upstairs nursing him and praying for bedtime. And Eliza is also in her bed while Marion and Josh enjoy the movie. We had an ugly incident of name calling earlier and though it broke my heart to do it, someone lost her movie privileges.


Showing off their PJs from St Nick

It’s a good thing they’re so cute because this parenting thing is hard!

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