Back to Normal

There’s a reason I haven’t been posting and it’s because I keep saying I’ll start blogging again when things are back to normal.

Since Christmas, we’ve had

The flu in all three kids, a secondary respiratory infection for Marion and a double ear infection for Graham.

Resulting in pink stains everywhere and wishing they sold Amoxicilian in family sized tubs.

And learning that it doesn’t agree with this one so well, resulting in immediate and necessary sink baths.

We’ve start teething as well. (Yes, that was all in one day.)

We’ve entered the annoying little brother stage of life.

Someone has joined us at the family table.

We’ve continued with our home school days (not gonna lie, mama has a bad case of spring fever.)

We have had a chance to enjoy some of this beautiful winter weather.

Don’t hate.

There have been some intense games of Uno

And Josh even had a return to racing! (New half marathon PR happening right there.)

Graham helped me work on my track bike and got his first Cat 5 tattoo.

We all survived Josh’s first work trip in a very long while. (He was in Washington state for almost a week)

We’ve even booked a trip to Disney!

Then Eliza got an absolutely awful gastro bug

That meant we tried to be out of the house as much as possible to avoid the bookend children getting sick.

Which also meant we got seriously overloaded with laundry.

Whoobuddy. Return to normal, right?

And then, we decided to add this sweet boy to our lives!

Normal is overrated!

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