Meeting Bowie

So the face is sweet, but would the rest of him live up to it?

That would be a resounding yes!

I took Eliza and Graham up to meet him first and let’s just say that the fact we stayed around long enough to meet him was a miracle in and of itself. I chose to romanticize the shelter in my head. We’d be welcomed and applauded for saying we wanted to adopt a non puppy. We’d be shown to a cozy room with toys and treats and given all the time in the world to acquaint ourselves with him. Birds would sing, roses would bloom and we’d be hailed as conquering heroes.

Instead, we were yelled at that we filled out the wrong form by a government employee with way too much power and authority. We had to wait, and wait, and wait and wait and see what at times seems like the worst of humanity come in.

I’ll interject something quickly here because I was all kinds of Judgey McJudgerson on people surrendering their pets while we were there (really abandoning them but we chose to use feel good words I guess.) My vet actually had to point this out to me and it’s true. Our vet said Bowie’s former owner must have honestly cared for him at least a bit because he could have dumped him at a park, just left him on the street, thrown him out of a car, but instead, he came and admitted he couldn’t care for him anymore. And that means the owner has a bit of soul and compassion at least.

So while I couldn’t believe the amount of turn-ins we saw (seven in an hour) it’s people who could have not cared at all. Even these people:

Intake clerk: so why are you turning in the cat?
Person: we just found it and don’t want it
Intake clerk: so how long have you had it?
Person: Two years.

Back to Bowie. Thankfully by the time we were able to see him it was a little quieter and we were able to have some fenced off space to meet him. He was scared and pitiful but oh so loving, even from the start.

Despite Graham’s face in this one, they were fast friends. And I knew Bowie was something special when Graham tried to pull out his teeth and all he did was lick Graham’s hands.

We couldn’t get him to eat any treats that first go round, but he also showed no signs of food aggression, always a good thing.

After I was sold on him, I went back to get Marion from school and Josh from work and take them back out to the shelter. Bowie had 24 hours left to live at this point so we needed to get an adoption hold put on him quickly.

If I wasn’t sold at first, this definitely did me in.


The girls were in love too.

And Josh thought he was a really nice dog as well.

So the paperwork was filled out and Bowie could rest easy!

We went up the following day to visit with him again, and this time, he was relaxed enough to eat around us.

And semi-pose for pictures.

He adores Graham.

And Eliza too (right after this picture was taken I found Bowie nose deep sniffing Eliza’s curls, haha!)

This is the smile of a dog that has found his family!

Now to just get him out of there and bring him home!

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