Bringing Bowie Home

Ready for a freedom ride!

I had no idea that shelters don’t routinely go on and neuter/spay animals before adoption. But they don’t. I guess they don’t want to waste resources on animals that may not live. So Bowie wasn’t altered and the shelter wouldn’t release him until he was. Which makes perfect sense and trust me, I was happy to have them do it.

Side note, for $50, he was dewormed, vaccinated, had his rabies shot, and a lifetime county pet registration and neutered. Also, February is a microchip your pet month and so he was microchipped for just $5. I would have spent so much more at the vet on all of that. Yet another reason to adopt from a shelter.

The problem was that this shelter is undergoing construction and went from three surgery tables to just one. And that obviously created a backlog. Even though we signed the adoption papers on him, he wasn’t ready to go home until almost a week later. They couldn’t confirm a date until he was actually under, so we just weren’t sure when he was going to come home.

But then he was ready and we were more than ready!

Freedom ride!

His purple hippo that he was snuggling with when we got home. Marion picked it out for him.

Thanks to some very kind neighbors and friends, we were able to get him a pretty sweet setup. It’s a portable pen with his crate inside of it. The tarp was just in case of accidents.

We were able to get he and Gracie acquainted safely and comfortably for both of them.

What is this green stuff?

I think he’s saying thank you.

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