On Our Way To Disney

Our original Disney plans included us driving to Orlando but then we realized we didn’t really want to drive to Orlando.

So we flew instead.

Flying with three kids six and under isn’t exactly a vacation for the parents, but at least it’s over with sooner than driving.

The girls are pretty awesome fliers though, I have to say. Especially when we remember to give Marion her Dramamine.

It was Graham’s first flight and he handled it like a pro. Mostly. We just won’t talk about the thirty minutes we just sat on the plane waiting. Waiting for what, who knows.

Pro travel tip – when traveling with two adults, send one on the plane first to get bags stowed and seats set up properly. The other adult should wait until getting the death stare from the gate agents and the third and final boarding call has been announced before boarding with the children. Seriously people, the last thing you want is for me to try to get my very awake and not at all sleepy child to sit still on the plane for thirty minutes while we just wait.

Our plan was a very small international plane so we got individual screens and headphones with free movies (shhhh don’t tell United they were being awesome) so the girls were well entertained on the flight. After takeoff, Graham fell asleep (cue angels singing) and the rest of the flight was a breeze.

We took Disney’s MagicExpress from the airport to the hotel since we were staying on property. It was easy breezy and a great way to travel if you don’t mind the timetable not being under your control. We flew at an odd time (over dinner time) so when we landed, we stopped at the Orlando airport food court and grabbed dinner. There aren’t posted schedules for the bus and we were just kind of hoping there would be one there when we needed it. We waited less than ten minutes I’d say from swiping our MagicBands (best thing ever!) to boarding the bus and then probably closer to twenty minutes on the bus waiting to leave. The wait on the bus wouldn’t have been bad if they’d had something on the TVs, but all they had was local Orlando radio.

Since the girls just watched movies on the flight down, they opened their new backpacks on the bus and kept themselves entertained.

Princess stickers!

New magic clips!

And bus seats to cruise around on (yes, barefoot. Judge away.)

We were all done by the time we arrived at Disney’s Wilderness Resort but it was pretty quickly forgotten when we walked into our room

And realized we had a fireworks view.

Not a bad way to kick off vacation šŸ™‚

So there was one almost vacation destroying moment. Our luggage almost didn’t make it. Apparently, despite being so thoroughly overorganized it was ridiculous, I actually didn’t hit submit on the Magic Express form. Or there was a glitch in the matrix or something. Let’s just blame the system. What happened was we received a set of Disney luggage tags in the mail. I can’t remember if this was before or after I thought I set up MagicExpress, but either way, we got luggage tags. Which we affixed to our luggage and went on our merry way. Apparently, these weren’t the “official” MagicExpress tags though, which we never received, and didn’t realize until 11:30 that first night. In the end, some wise baggage handler at MCO after seeing our luggage by it’s lonesome with Disney tags, grabbed it and put it on a delivery truck even without the proper forms. Disney, in all their wisdom, somehow used our names and phone number to get it to the right resort and to our rooms. There was a midnight stalking of a bell hop in the lobby, some tears, a whole lot of prayers and maybe even some pixie dust involved, but in the end, we had our luggage!

So Josh’s biggest thing to say about the whole trip is, even if you’re using Magic Express, get your own luggage! Just go down to baggage claim and take it to the bus yourself.

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